What Do Geniuses Have In Common?

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I received an email today from Megan Wong of   Train Your child to think like a Genius on what do geniuses have in common. As a mom, with normal kids ( yes, they are normal 😉 ), I can’t think of any except perhaps genius persons are naturally gifted individuals…? I’m not really sure.

By checking the list below against my kids abilities, it seems I need to give my kids the opportunities to explore more. My eldest son loves to draw houses, even asking me and his dad  if a plant can survive without a sunlight because he told us that he designed a house where plants will be planted in the basement. My husband and I were amazed on how our son thinks!

Anyway, according to Megan Wong, the following checklist makes or helps in making your kids genius:

  1. Parents who play a supporting role in believing in the abilities of their children
  2. Children who are allowed to develop their own individual gifts and talents
  3. Children who has no sense of any limits set on their abilities
  4. Children who are given the opportunity to explore their potential abilities in various fields
  5. Children whose abilities are being focused on instead of their age
  6. Children whose discovery, recognition and appreciation of their abilities are fostered.

Are your children in this league?
Mind Power Series

As  you can see, we play a big role in the future of our kids. We have to make sure that we nourish them with the right knowledge and opportunities in order for them to grow. Most children are eager to show  their parents what they already know and can contribute. We should always be ready in giving compliments and encourage them further in the talents and skills they are developing. I think as a parent, we should be more aware on these things. Who knows, your child could be the next Mozart, Da Vinci or  even Einstein.


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