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My family and I for the past months were busy joining fun runs, from 5K to 50K (for my hubby). And as of today, we are registered again for 3 incoming runs already (Energizer, Caliraya 360 and RUPM) . It’s not that we love races but my husband and I want our kids to learn by our example ( we hope).

As a mom, even though I’m busy with my household chores and a full-time employee to boot, I make sure to find time to do some stretching and my favorite – play badminton (yes, aside from running). And I’m a geek too! I work in a software development company and I’m one of the boys! Would you believe I’m the only rose among the thorns in our company? πŸ™‚

Last year, PC Mag has announced the top 15 best fitness applications available to consumers today. With just a click, you lose tons of calories and fats. These fitness apps are actually modern ways to seek good health. We can stay fit, work out and lose weight with just them. An application can be with you nearly every time you carry your phone. There is also a community helping members on advices and comments on how to loose weight in minutes.

Although, prices can be really expensive (the word “expensive” is relative of course), fitness applications are worth to buy. The best apps paves away clearer fitness goals for its users, but also at the same time allow them a perfect way to cut down those unnecessary packs of abs.

Here are the top 5 of fitness applications:

a. CountEat. Calories for iOS – gives dieters a guesstimate on calories percentage and the right amount of found to eat. Why are figures not exactly given? It is made for those who need to loose that much weight, where cutting down just 2 to 3 pounds won’t do the trick. Selling price is worth just 99cents as an iPhone application.

b. Bicycle tracking app Cyclemeter also for iOS – works best for athletes and sport buffs that come with a map location view. It is an application that presents a list of really helpful data, and special features for bikers, like distance, ride time, speed and many more. Aside from biking, sports can be track walks, runs, and others.

c. Endomondo Sports Tracker – is very similar to the Cyclemeter, the difference is that it provides connection with your friends at Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc., so it is more of a community based application for athletes and sport buffs. It is sold for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, and can be found at the Web.

d. The Fitbit system – is a bit more expensive than the others with US$49 per year of premium fee. Aside from the usual features found in fitness applications, like counting calories, exercise records and weight track, it offers users other biometrics on computing your present heart rate, glucose levels, sleep and blood pressure. Plus, it also has a food-tracking system, which makes the Fitbit system a bit more of a personal activity tracker. This wonderful application is made up of several types Fitbit gadgets, like the Fitbit One and Lose It! that helps users and athletes keep track of their fitness goals in life. It can be bought at Android, iOS, and Web.

e. Fitocracy – is a free to download application at Android, iOS and Web that lets users and sport buffs oversee their fitness performance metrics in a Gantt chart. The trick is a point system, which converts the application to a sort of game with your friends, female and male. It lets you organize your fitness goals by allowing a post status to the workout community. Fitocracy is very advisable for those who prefer social interaction features in a fitness application. It is available for all kinds of sports enthusiasts, from weightlifters to swimmers.

Grab one today and get those healthy abs you have always dreamed of!


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