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I’m so excited to let the world know that has finally found it’s new home! Thanks to my husband who was waiting patiently for the past 5 years to get hold of this domain name. Finally, it was given to us, officially, on July 3, 2012. For those who wants to know how we were able to get hold of domain, you may read the story at PinayMom.Com is finally mine and .Info too!

Please, join me in welcoming my new virtual home. Without you dear readers and loyal supporters, will simply just be another useless, static site in world wide web. I need your support in order for me to be successful in this endeavor. will strive and do it’s best not only to provide information on parenting, child rearing, relationships and more, but be of help to all moms (and wannabes) out there. Once again, I thank all my supporters at who are also at one with me here in my new home. I know that you will once again be my inspiration in this journey.


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