Kookie Bal: Super Typhoon Yolanda Survivor’s True Story

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This is a true story narrated by Anthony Silvester A. Samson on his FB account on one of Typhoon Yolanda’s survivors from Tacloban City.

bethany hospital tacloban city
Photo by rappler.com

Just got off the phone talking to my friend,, a survivor sa tacloban who was able to ride the c130 padong Cebu..

He told the his tragic story.. He was on duty sa bethany and decided to stay there thinking that it would be safer.. Until the water reached their necks, and seeing the stairs was according to him, the one that saved him including 5 of his workmates.. He tried saving a kid he saw swimming towards them, but s piece of metal hit that kid on the head killing him on the spot.. When they went up, there was no more roof… They waited until the storm calmed down.. Then decided to go home.. He checked on his car, floating in the flood,, so he left it there and decided to walk.. Along the road in front of sto niño shrine, he can see bodies everywhere, stepping on them just to get passed the debris and wreckage.. He managed to go home..

Looting in Tacloban (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

2nd day came and the storm was out,, he tried to survey the area.. He walked with a buddy around and saw bodies everywhere,, passed by godsend and saw the owner shooting looters and robbers.. They went to robinsons and was tempted to loot themselves due to the scarcity of supplies.. As he entered the mall,, he thought of getting a bicycle from handyman so that he has a mode of transportation, as he entered handyman, he saw bodies on the floor clearly died from another persons hand.. Scared, he went to but still pursued to find a bike.. He didnt find one.. So he went to the grocery store,, he saw people carrying 42″ lcd screens and even Guess was forcefully opened.. Shoes were gone and grocery a war zone.. Guns fired everywhere., he decided to leave the place for his own safety..e bodies everywhere, stepping on them just to get passed the debris and wreckage.. He managed to go home..

He then went to check on his girlfriend living in san jose,, despite the news of san jose being washed off,, his gf and her family is fine.. They however is running low on supplies..

c130 airplane yolanda
Inside C130 airplane (rappler.com)

The next day, he managed to talk to the wife of the mayor and asked if he could ride the c130 for cebu and buy supplies.. He was allowed so he packed up all his important documents and 3 pair of clothes in a small bag.. He included his laptop and a bottle of water… He walked from downtown tacloban to the airport.. Bodies still lying on the floor, climbed the debris and wreckage dumped on the streets.. Passed by astrodome, and saw only a few bldgs still intact.. Cafe lucia, An Waray, and astrodome were the few bldgs he saw left.. Walked all the way to the airport where he saw the president arrive.. Giving away water to the refugees, he too fell in queue thirsty from the long walk which took him 2hours… He passed the water bottles to the back expecting to receive some, but seems like its every man for himself.. He wasnt able to get a bottle, and decided to be selfish the next time… Thirsty, exhausted, and full of wounds in his legs, he managed to ride the c130… It was crowded with people.. The smell was intoxicating, and all of them were standing.. Some fainted… He reached cebu this morning and is now resting in his aunts house..

welcome-tacloban yolanda
Welcome sign in Tacloban City(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

He advised me that tacloban city is no more.. It is not a safe place to come back to, and that it would be best to stay here.. The posts you see and the updates you read is not even a fraction of whats happening there… Im starting to believe him…

Despite the chaos, he will come back with supplies.. Even though his only family, his mom, is out of the country,, he will come back to tacloban for his aunt and uncle, his gf, friends and the people important to him that was left behind….

I love this guy.. I am glad that he is alive and well,, he literally went through hell.. Cant wait to see you tomorrow man! We’ll get through this… Kookie Bal im really happy that you survived!

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