Be Safe from Scams!

I’m a millionaire now if only I believed from all the text/SMS messages that were sent to me for the past years, informing that I won from certain foundation or a gentlemen from another country will send me a portion of his estate money, etc., etc. That is if only I believed, or I might be just another victim from deceitful texters.

I just to share quickly these tips which I have received from PLDT on how to be safe from scams.

Source: PLDT – Be safe from scams

Here’s what to watch out for this kind of scams:

  1. Receiving calls and messages from people who pretend to be from the bank, service companies, or eCommerce platforms asking for personal information or OTPs.
  2. Receiving messages from people who pretend to offer work opportunities. Usually sent with a high salary offer and a link.
  3. Receiving a call/text that you won a contest without you joining.
  4. Technicians, Sales Agents and Installers are not authorized to receive payments for bill discounts and expedited installation or repair.

Again, let’s all be vigilant and don’t ever reply to the above mentioned calls and messages


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