Taking Action to Stop Pollution for Our Children’s Future

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When our children go to school or play outside, are we assured of a safe and healthy environment for them? To say that air is actually breathable, it has to be clean! I think everyone will agree with me, whatever social state they are in, high or low, which definitely shows that our children’s future is at risk upon letting polluters bypass. It is time to put them to a halt and take action to stop air pollution today. Who knows maybe it will even save others lives?

Every morning, as a mom, I make sure that my children’s bags are packed with nutrition needs that our health experts today has given proof on what they really need to stay healthy and vigorous. Yet, all of these will be useless if there is no clean air for our children to actually live.

According to the American Lung Association, there are already 37 million children in the U.S.A. alone, who stay and breathe in an air polluted community as of this year. I mean for now, as a mom, I can withstand such place, but I think my children are hit in their weakest points if given such circumstances. Yes, indeed government funded as well our own personal health costs would lower down if air pollution is acted upon by us. Before, projects on helping the environment seems like something that any attracted person can let stand, but now the quickest solutions are asked from each and every one of us to take part of just to protect the air that we breathe in today.

Our country’s Clean Air Act recognizes a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature for us. Under this includes building more designated airsheds by local offices, prohibiting a list of hazardous air pollutants with corresponding ambient guideline values and/or standard, which includes Ozone Depleting Substances or ODS, and as well as a regular evaluation of this list on the industrial sources/operations we are currently benefiting from. They can be producers of products consumable and can cause harm, at the same time, on our children’s welfare.

I don’t care if this call bluntly hurts someone, but I think that now is the right time for parent voices to be appraised on wanting their children to live in a harmonious environment. My children are proud to have a mom and dad who speak on stopping pollution today! Why don’t you be one of us and do something for a livable, clean air. What should you do as a mom? Be a responsible parent now; be proud of the air you breathe in!

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