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If you are like me who is looking for the Mang Inasal Laguna Bel Air contact number, you won’t find it online. At least while I’m posting this.  Mang Inasal main website is currently under maintenance.

Our kitchen is being renovated and I don’t feel like to cook for our lunch so I told my hubby that we just order from Mang Inasal. However, my effort to search for their contact number  resulted into nothing…zero, nadah!  What I’ve found in Facebook is the Mang Inasal Paseo de Sta. Rosa branch. Unfortunately, I was informed they don’t have delivery because their delivery boy was absent. I’d asked if they know the contact number of their Laguna Bel-Air branch and I was so glad they gave it to me.

And then, another not so lucky circumstances happened. The number that was given to me was not working!

I notified my hubby, who is working from home,  that I will just order in Jollibee instead of Mang Inasal, which he disagreed right away. He said he doesn’t like Jollibee. Period.

So what will I do?

I was lazy to drive to go to Mang Inasal because of no apparent reason. I just don’t want to go out at high noon.

When my hubby noticed that I’m not moving from my seat, he volunteered to go to Mang Inasal. Yes! that’s my hubby! Even if he’s busy working on his laptop, answering emails and doing support remotely, he can’t take that I’ll go hungry (or perhaps he’s dead hungry already). And so he went to mang inasal laguna bel air branch. When he arrived he gave me the set of food he bought together with the contact number of Mang Inasal.

Here’s the number for delivery:

Landline: (049) – 530-9725
Mobile (SUN): 0933- 5657936

There you go my reader. I hope Mang Inasal main website will publish the contact number of Laguna Bel-Air branch. It’s too pity if they don’t. They will lost a number of good customers, like me 🙂

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