Workshop: For Your Yaya (Nanny) & House Helper

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I’ve been blessed to have an household helper who have been staying with us for almost 10 years already. We don’t consider her a “yaya” anymore but already a member of our family. She’s even a godmother now to some of my nieces and nephews. We really don’t have any problem with her when it comes to manners, skills and even personality. Since we considered her as part of our family, we encouraged her to take vocational and short courses. We enrolled her in a dressmaking and baking classes. And we glad we did! I can always request her to bake goodies for us!

Workshop for YayaNow for those of who are somehow wants your “Yaya” or house helper to perhaps develop additional skills, specially on the personality development, The Manila Workshops Team will be holding a workshop on February 2, 2013. The venue will be held at the Valle Verde 5 Cabana in Pasig City. This is actually a House Helper series  which includes sessions and interactive activities on First Aid, Child Care, Self-Development,  Etiquette and other topics for your yaya or house helper. It will be a whole day affair from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, so please give your “yaya” the break they need to attend this  Ok Ka, Yaya Ko! Workshop.

To be conducted by: Cristina M. Mendoza, RN / Preschool Teacher from

Rates: Regular Rate of Php 1500 per participant, lunch included already.

The workshop will also tackle the following topics:

  • Mahalin ang Sarili
  • Responsibilities/Housework
  • Caring For The Elderly
  • “KID”-centered
  • Iwas Stress sa Yaya

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