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Mary Poppins Returns – A Must See Movie for the Whole Family!

This is not a movie review but to encourage everyone in the family to watch Mary Poppins Returns. If there’s one movie for everybody, this is it. And please do watch it in the movie theater and

The Right Fitness Applications for Moms

My family and I for the past months were busy joining fun runs, from 5K to 50K (for my hubby). And as of today, we are registered again for 3 incoming runs already (Energizer, Caliraya 360 and

Letting Baby Cry Can Change Your Child’s Personality

In her book, The Science of Parenting, Margot Sunderland taps the latest neurology research to tackle common dilemmas like clinginess, tantrums, and discipline. In the section on Separation Anxiety, Sunderland reveals that letting babies cry alone in