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Safe Motherhood Week 2021

Let’s face it mother and mother-to-be, every pregnancy faces risk. It is associated with certain risks to health and survival both for the woman and for the baby. It is a sad fact to note that every

Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos

If you are one of those looking for the right food to eat to make your family more healthy, you don’t need to look further because the National Nutrition Council which is under the umbrella of Department of

Food Safety to Save Your Family in Getting Hungry During Calamities and Disasters

This is an article on tips for building food storage during calamities and disasters. When caught in such situation, bearing the right ways to maintaining food safety and storage should be vital for your family. Now in

10 Tips for Choosing a School for Your Kids

I was in my kid’s school this morning for their enrollment and as I was paying the “expensive” tuition fees, my mind was  wondering if the school they are in right now is really the best for

Stages of Motor Skills Development in Infants

How would you know if the motor development of your baby is normal? Will you just wait for other people to tell you or perhaps let your pediatrician do the checking  for you? Isn’t it better if you, on

Taking Action to Stop Pollution for Our Children’s Future

When our children go to school or play outside, are we assured of a safe and healthy environment for them? To say that air is actually breathable, it has to be clean! I think everyone will agree