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How to Fight Depression Without Medication

Covid19 not only has negative impact on the economy but to the well-being of the individuals as well. It brought with it mental health issues to a lot of people. You can in fact check for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions About Dengue in English and Filipino

June is Dengue Awareness Month in the Philippines and June 15 is ASEAN Dengue Day. Here in Pinaymom, we would like to share to you the Frequently Asked Questions About Dengue we received from Department of Health.

Is Goiter Dangerous?

Can a thyroid goiter kill you? I assume you‘ve heard of goiters, but do you really know what they are? Last week, I felt a lump on my throat and a bit of swelling on my neck. My first reaction was

Safe Motherhood Week 2021

Let’s face it mother and mother-to-be, every pregnancy faces risk. It is associated with certain risks to health and survival both for the woman and for the baby. It is a sad fact to note that every

How to Choose Fragrance for a Gift

Think of this scenario: You are wandering around the cosmetics department of a famous shopping store or an online selling site looking for a gift for your best friend, school mate or sister. You are in a

When Do You Know That You Have The Right Diet

It’s the time of the year again! The word DIET is sometimes dreaded to most people but the majority of the new year’s resolution pertains to healthy living. So how would you know if you really following

World Bazaar Festival December 2019

The World Bazaar Festival is the longest-running regular charity bazaar in our country. This year it will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila from December 14 until 23. This event endows the best holiday

American Women’s Club of the Philippines Bazaar

This month the American Women’s Club of the Philippines (AWCP) bazaar will be hosted at the SMX Convention Center on December 10, 2019. At the Halls 1-2, meeting room 14 from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. This

How to Choose Fragrance As a Gift

It may be an easy task to choose fragrance as a gift but the reality is, with thousands of different scents and aromas, it is sometimes overwhelming what to choose and what is the perfect one for

Mary Poppins Returns – A Must See Movie for the Whole Family!

This is not a movie review but to encourage everyone in the family to watch Mary Poppins Returns. If there’s one movie for everybody, this is it. And please do watch it in the movie theater and