Monthly Archive:: January 2013

Workshop: For Your Yaya (Nanny) & House Helper

I’ve been blessed to have an household helper who have been staying with us for almost 10 years already. We don’t consider her a “yaya” anymore but already a member of our family. She’s even a godmother

20th Travel Tour Expo 2013

My family loves to travel. In fact, we’ve flown to 4 Asian countries last year alone. Aside from the savings that we’ve prepared exclusively for these tours and vacations, I think two of the biggest factors that

Grand Baby Fair 2013

We were on our way to our office in Makati when I saw this big billboard along Skyway of South Luzon Expressway. There’s not much media information about the event and didn’t even see any press release.

Stages of Motor Skills Development in Infants

How would you know if the motor development of your baby is normal? Will you just wait for other people to tell you or perhaps let your pediatrician do the checking  for you? Isn’t it better if you, on